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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Malaysia : Broadband Infrastructure

I just found the picture illustrating transmission infrastructure in Malaysia. However, it might be outdated, since it is the condition in 2004. But, we can see some statistics:
  • Long distance transmission infrastructure length approximately 70,000 km
  • Main players : Telekom Malaysia, Time, Maxis, Fiberrail

Source MEWC Malaysia, 2004

Global Networks : Another Ochre Services ?

Thanks to Meneer for the pointer. I was thinking that Ochre Services was the only one, who has interest in wiring Singapore-Jakarta-Perth. I'm honestly still not sure whether these systems (Ochre and GN) will come into reality: whether they has secured how the projects will be financed? But let's see it. Previously I was not sure also about Surabaya - Hong Kong cable project, but it has been indeed executed. If one or more troubles come, I think, it is also possible that those companies collaborate ... something that happened like Pacnet's initiative and Unity cable. However, at a glance, it seems that Global Networks has a solid plan to enter the business in SG, AUS, and ID ...

The international sub-sea fibre optic cable network will connect Perth, Jakarta and Singapore while the domestic terrestrial networks in both Indonesia and Australia will interconnect with and provide greater capacity for telecommunications carriers, internet service providers and corporate entities to both the international and domestic networks at greater speed and at a lower cost than currently available. The international cable will also provide very important regional network redundancy and security particularly for Indonesia, Australia and all other South East Asian countries.
Plan (Indonesian Side):
Stage 1 of our domestic Indonesian terrestrial network will be approx 1,500 klm in length and be built to connect the key cities of Anyer, Jakarta, Cikampek, Bandung, Semarang, Jogya, Surabaya and Denpasar.

Stage 2 will consist of increasing the reach of our network to other areas within Indonesia, such as Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Our network will provide an increase in much needed capacity and bandwidth on already over-utilised telecoms infrastructure and enable local businesses and consumers much more cost effective access to the internet and other communications services.

Source Global Networks Australia

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