Saturday, October 11, 2008


As of current state, this blog is just a collection of my stuff, thoughts, material etc. It isn't intended to as professional-grade information media. Please note that all stuffs are available AS IS and without any warranty. If you find that some information useful, you are free to use them at your own risks, as long as it conforms with this creative commons term.

As you might see, I try to a bit monetize this site by putting Adsense. Although Google has claimed that "Adsense is family-safe", it several times happened that "unwanted/irrelevant/possibly-negative" ads have shown at the client page. And it is unfortunately not yet possible to filter ads based on keywords. So, in such a case, please accept my apologize and I would appreciate if you give me a feedback and hint to what you've experienced, in order for me to add those "unwanted"-websites to my Adsense filter list. This is currently the only possibility to prevent certain website-links appear.

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