Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carrier Collaboration

In many opportunities, PACNET's CEO Bill Barney has "campaigned" for collaboration. He said "Colloboration is the catalist for growth!". Agree?? Why do we need to collaborate ? Below are several noticeable things he mentioned.
  • We are not completely redundant on our own - sample case Taiwan earthquake 2006
  • The bits are getting bigger
  • The bigger bit guys are multiplying
  • Online video: traction high and increasing (08/2008 - YouTube --> 344 Mn global visitor|+50% YoY; 43 bn minutes | +99% YoY); other distribution models: Hulu, FanCast, veoh, Joost, SlingMedia, VUDU
  • We cannot afford 'it' alone
  • (especially in Asia) : the Internet population doubles every 3 years; the bandwidth per user doubles every 5 months

Source Barney/Pacnet

The bits - Source Barney/Pacnet

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Sang Pemimpin said...

I think for internet penetration in Indonesia.. smallest, Indonesia have more 240 Million People

But if we find the number of internet user we are the biggest.

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