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SPIN stands for South Pacific Islands Network. It's a regional initiative supported by: Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, French Government, Government of French Polynesia, and Government of New-Caledonia.

SPIN shall provide faster and cheaper bandwidth to Pacific Islands countries and territories:
  • Interconnect the 3 French territories of New Caledonia, Wallis & Futuna and French Polynesia
  • Connect Pacific Islands countries currently relying on satellite
  • Open a new transpacific route Sydney - Hawaii
Impacts in terms of connectivity:
  • For Islands operators: significant reduction of international bandwidth charges
  • For subscribers: lower prices and better access
  • For international Telco and ISP : new offer with up to 600 Gbps spare capacity available for sale
SPIN will be built in three steps:
  • New Caledonia cable - Sydney to Nouméa
  • French Polynesia cable - Tahiti to Hawaii
  • SPIN cable - Nouméa to Tahiti

SPIN - Step 1

SPIN - Step 2

SPIN - Step 3 / Source Frouin/SPIN

SPIN is :
  • Limited company incorporated in Wallis & Futuna - France
  • Private investors, among which API Group
  • Public investors : French Territories of Pacific region
Approximate cost of SPIN: Euro 150M
  • Ongoing tender under finalization
  • Expected contract signature March 09
  • Investment and capacity agreements
  • Own funding from shareholders
  • French public aid
  • Bank financing

Credits : Frouin / SPIN

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