Sunday, March 22, 2009

Telikom PNG's View of PPC-1

The most valuable role of the PPC-1 for Telikom PNG (TPNG) is probably to provide back up of its international link for via APNG-2 cable system (see below).

TPNG involvement in PPC-1:
  • Capacity: 1 x 10 Gbps Madang (PNG) to Guam; 1 x 10Gbps Madang to Sydney
  • 2 FP spur link
  • 2 BU (BU4 – Madang, BU3 – Alotau - future)
  • OADM Bus are the key as only a few wavelengths are required, not fibre pair capacity
  • Does not require Sydney Guam traffic to route via Madang
  • Without OADM BU, new cable would have needed which would have been prohibitively expensive
Madang Spur :
  • Direct access to north of the PNG from Aust and Guam
  • Provides international services for major industries
  • Provides real time internet broadband services for educational institutions located at Madang
  • Provides quality low latency links for corporate business and government agencies
  • Network robustness for government’s development programs such as the major LNG plant in Port Moresby

Source Loko/TPNG

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